As our Company Profile page mentions, our clients (students and parents) are placed at the core of our organization’s functionality. Each student is provided custom-built services and we ensure that every one gets personalized attention.    

The services provided at RMT Enterprise include:

1)  Counselling on the basis of:

  • Academic Choice Suitability (Course searching in our university-database)

  • Learning Needs Suitability

  • University Environment Suitability

  • Accommodation Advice

  • Visa Application & Documentation

  • Connection to our International Student Support Network

2) Facilities:

  • On-line Application for speedy processing

  • Updated Prospectuses & Access to our Reference Library

  • IELTS Coaching (In Islamabad & Lahore Offices

Why apply through RMT Enterprise:

  • Professional guidance on choosing the right course

  • Follow-up on applications to ensure timely offer of admission

  • Our counsellors are trained regularly by University Staff in Pakistan & Abroad and by the British Council

  • We provide the appropriate advice on student visas and assistance with completing application forms* 

  • Our counsellors are Multilingual and thus can communicate with varied clients

                        *  Information on visa application procedures and the documentation required will be  
                            available once you have been offered a place in a course at a University on our panel. 
                            We also offer interview  preparations as per requirement. 

For further information, contact offices in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. 
email us at