Scholarships in United Kingdom

Bellerbys College

  • Bellerbys College has a limited number of 50% scholarships available to students.
  • Bellerbys College is offering scholarships for up to £17,000 for academically gifted students to join for A Level study in the UK. 


Bangor University

Bangor University is offering attractive Scholarships to Pakistani Students who wish for higher studies at world ranked University.

  • All Pakistan passport holders students who are enrolled in Undergraduate programs will get £3000 per year for all three years (total £9,000) as minimum scholarship.
  • All students who enrolled in Undergraduate programs secured minimum 80%+ in qualifying degree/school exams will get shortlisted for £5000/yr(total £15,000).
  • All Pakistan passport holders Postgraduate students will get £4,000 as minimum scholarship.
  • Postgraduate students completed Bachelor Degree (4 year) complete with Distinction/Excellent OR GPA 3.5/4.0 OR 75% score will get £5000 as scholarship.
  • Only Postgraduate students who are £5000 scholarship holders are eligible to apply for the 100% tuition fee scholarship.


University of Sheffield:

  • Univeristy of Sheffield is offering 2000 worth of scholarship to MBA and MSC students enrolled in business Degree. 
  • University of Sheffiled is offering 2000 worth of Scholarship to students who enrolled in Engineering and Science Degree.